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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Start off the new semester-- Fight the Death Penalty!

Join the Campaign to End the Death Penalty at our exciting upcoming events!

Monday, January 15: Martin Luther King Day March!
Join Campaign members as we add our voices against the death penalty at this annual march honoring the civil rights hero. Meet at the Martin Luther King statue on the UT Campus at 9am. That evening, CEDP will be having its first formal meeting of the semester at 7pm at CMA A3.112.

Thursday, January 18: "Let's REALLY Go to Prison" Table on UT Campus
Stop by the Campaign's table on campus, where we will be hosting a display on the real horrors of Texas prison conditions, including Texas' death row, and the truth, which is far from entertaining or funny, on what its really like to be sent to a Texas prison.

Monday, January 22: Regular CEDP meeting
Join the Campaign for our regular Monday meeting, where we will be discussing our work and our upcoming events. The meeting will be at 7pm on CMA A3.112.

Wednesday, January 24 (TENTATIVE): Delivery of petitions demanding a fair retrial for Rodney Reed
Campaign members and Sandra and Walter Reed, parents of Rodney Reed, will hand deliver to the judges on the Court of Criminal Appeals petitions signed by the people of Texas declaring their belief in Rodney's innocence and demanding the Court of Criminal Appeals allow him a new, fair trial. Join us for a press conference prior to delivery and as we drop the petitions at the Court. Meet outside the Court of Criminal Appeals at 12 noon.

Saturday, January 27: Austin Anti-War Rally and March
March with the CEDP! Gather at City Hall at 3:00 PM.

Monday, January 29: Debate on the Death Penalty
Members of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty will debate the Young Conservatives of Texas at this Oxford-style debate on capital punishment. Come out to learn ... and help us kick some ass during the open-mic, Q & A period! We need supporters there to help the crowd understand that our movement is strong, we have the facts on our side, and we want the death penalty abolished now! The debate will be held at Jester Auditorium and starts at 7:30pm.

Monday, February 26: Witness to an Execution!
The Campaign will be hosting "Witness to an Execution", a panel event featuring speakers who have witnessed the horrible reality of modern-day lethal injections. This event is part of a national series organized by other Campaign to End the Death Penalty chapters across the country. A time and place for this event will be announced as those details are more firmly set.


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