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Thursday, October 19, 2006

In Memory of Michael Johnson

Michael John, scheduled to be executed in Texas this evening, has
deprived the executioner of its delight in murdering an innocent man.

At 3:30 AM today Michael took his life in his "death watch"cell by
slitting his throat. In his own blood, he wrote on the wall of the cell "I
didn't do it."

Our condolences to his family. Michael took this last act of courage
to let the world know he was innocent.

Last evening Radio Station KDOL in Livingston had a show dedicated to
Michael. A & E from Chicago filmed the radio show. thanks to Joy Weathers for
this last tribute to Michael.

The theme of this years March to Stop Executions is "The System is
Broken" and we will be featuring the innocent people executed--Carlos de Luna,
Ruben Cantu, and Todd Willingham. Michael Johnson should also be remembered. Be in
Austin on October 28th!

Stop the crimes of the state of Texas! Abolish the racist, anti-poor
death penalty Now!


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