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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Rodney Reed, whose case we've been working on for several years, is receiving a new hearing this week, and we plan to show our support for him. This is huge; we are in the position to help stop his execution. This new hearing represents Rodney's best chance for a new trial.


The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, in coordination with Rodney Reed's family, has planned a march through downtown Bastrop calling for justice for Rodney Reed. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Here's the plan:

Saturday, March 25th (THIS SATURDAY), a caravan will be leaving from the LBJ Parking lot at the University of Texas for Bastrop. This parking lot is located at the corner of Red River and Dean Keeton streets, just west of I-35. We will meet there at 2:30pm. If you need a ride or can provide one, be there at that time.

We will rendezvous at 4:00pm in Bastrop at the Kerr Community Center. The community center is located at 1308 Walnut, near the corner of Walnut and MLK, just a couple of blocks away from downtown.

To get to the community center head east on 71 toward Bastrop. Then take the TX Loop 150 exit and turn left. This will put you on Main Street in downtown Bastrop. To get to the community center, you take Main Street down across the railroad tracks and take a right on MLK. After that, take a right on Walnut.

Here is a map.

At 4:00pm, we will start our march, which will stop at the courthouse for a couple of speeches. Then we will head back to the community center for food, drinks, and some entertainment. At about 7pm, we will watch Ryan Polomski and Frank Bustoz's award winning documentary about Rodney called "State vs. Reed."


Also, if you can, we encourage everyone to attend Rodney's hearing on Thursday and Friday, March 23rd and 24th. If you need a ride or can give one, simply email us at cedpaustin@gmail.com. We will leave Austin at about 8am on both days. The sessions start at 9am both mornings.

Use the same directions above to find the Bastrop County Courthouse. You can't miss it. The address is 804 Pecan Street, which is a block behind Main Street. Rodney's lawyers have asked us to be on our best behavior, so if you do plan to attend, remember that Saturday will be the big day for demonstrations.

If you can make it out to UT tomorrow evening between 6 and 10pm, the UT chapter of Amnesty International will be screening "State vs. Reed." If you missed it at SXSW, or just want to see it again, come on out. We will be there also and can answer any questions about Rodney or the actions we're planning. The festival will be held on the South Mall lawn, directly south of the Tower. Find out more info here.

As always, continue to check back here for updates.