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Sunday, March 19, 2006

CEDP Activities: March 20-25

National support for the death penalty is steadily dropping, as the
movement to stop execution continues and hight profile cases make the
national news. Despite the drop in support, Texas sickening pace of
execution continues with 3 more executions scheduled in March. Now is
the time to strike out against the Texas death penalty. Join the
Campaign to End the Death Penalty in planning activism on this
important issue!

Below is a list of all our activities for the week:

Monday, March 20th

Join us in CMA 3.130 at 7pm for our regular CEDP weekly meeting. CMA
is on the UT campus and is the building on the corner of Guadalupe and
Dean Keeton. Most of the meeting time will be devoted to discussion
about Rodney Reed and his new hearing. Please come; we need everyone
to come out and show support for him.

Wednesday, March 22nd

Throughout this week, the UT chapter of Amnesty International will be
hosting the Human Rights Film and Arts Festival. Everyday will be
devoted to a specific theme. Wednesday, the 22nd, is Domestic Issues
Night. The CEDP is co-sponsoring this event and there will be some
really good films about the death penalty. One of these is Ryan
Polomski and Frank Bustoz's film "State v. Reed," which tackles all of
the major problems in Rodndey Reed's case. If you missed this film at
SXSW, then come on out. Also, Nathan Christ has recently finished a
short documentary about the abolition movement in Texas. The CEDP has
been in close contact with both these directors and we are proud to
endorse their films. There will be other great films as well.

The schedule and location for the Festival can be found here.

Thursday and Friday, March 23rd and 24th

Rodney Reed's new hearing will take place in Bastrop on these days.
We are trying to get as many people out there to the courthouse to
show support for Rodney. Come to our meeting Monday to find out more
information. We will be trying to co-ordinate carpools as well for
those who need rides.

Our website will be updated with more information as we know it, so
check back here before Thursday.

Saturday, March 25th

We will join the Reed family in Bastrop for a March to Stop
Executions. Come out and join us. We will be trying to co-ordinate
rides for this event as well if you need one. The avtivities will
start at 4pm at the Kerr Community Center, which is located at 1308
Walnut, on the corner of Walnut and MLK in Bastrop.

Come and join the fight to abolish capital punishment!